Is there code so that allows players to see another players running or idle animation in multiplayer?

Hey i was wondering if there was a way to see another players current animation state.

Hi @Granted,

You need to implement some form of networking to connect two players together and exchange messages e.g. for animation states.

This can be an advanced topic. You can start by studying the following tutorial:

how exactly would i exchange animation states

If you’ve studied the tutorial @Leonidas sent carefully, then you will have observed how the app uses a server to transmit and receive the location of the other entity. Assuming that you are aware of how to blend animations, you can send a similar event to the server each time an animation is blending, and set up a method that checks every frame whether another player’s animation blend event has been received from the server, and play it on the correct entity if it has.

Ill try to get it to work

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