Is there anyway to combine projects or migrate all assets from one project to another?

As the title describes, I am now collaborating with the team to complete our project. But we used different Playcanvas projects when creating the project. Now we want to merge the scenes and assets in different projects into the same project for publishing. I tried to export the project to the local, and manually modify assets.json and copy all assets and thumbnails to the corresponding folder of the same project. When I uploaded the server again, I encountered a hash value verification error. If it is too troublesome to manually copy and rebuild the scenes one by one, is there any good method or suggestion?

Hi @kprimo,

Sadly I don’t think this is possible. It’s something that has been requested a couple of times, the ability to easily move assets from one project to the other.

You can copy the entity hierarchy, that would work, but not the assets. You will have to manually upload them in place as far as I know.

There’s been some thought on this and is being looked at currently but unfortunately, it’s not possible at the moment.

You might be able to use playcanvas-sync tool to at least push the assets up to one project as that works with non text assets too.

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