Is there an example of a database connection with PlayCanvas?

I want to add firebase to my playcanvas application. I’ve created a database to test it but I don’t know how to add it to my project.

Hi @Axel_Saucedo,

There isn’t an example, that I know of, to demonstrate adding Firebase to a Playcanvas project. But it’s quite easy, here are some steps:

  1. Add the Firebase SDKs to your Playcanvas project. Download the firebase .js files for the relevant components (firebase-app.js, firebase-auth.js etc.) and upload them to your Playcanvas project.

You can find links to those files in this guide, step 3:

  1. Make sure all Firebase SDK scripts are first in your scripts loading order:

  1. Grab the firebase config object from your google firebase dashboard. It will look like this:
var firebaseConfig = {
  apiKey: "api-key",
  authDomain: "",
  databaseURL: "",
  projectId: "project-id",
  storageBucket: "",
  messagingSenderId: "sender-id",
  appId: "app-id",
  measurementId: "G-measurement-id",
  1. You are ready to initialize the firebase app, you can put this code in any regular Playcanvas script. The initialize method will be a good place for that:
MyScript.prototype.initialize = function(){

   var firebaseConfig = {
      // ...

   // Initialize Firebase


Hello. Here is my take on it :slight_smile:

  1. Learn to use
  2. Use JS/HTML knowledge to communicate both ways (from HTML-front to 3D backdrop and back), but be aware of the minor/small adjustment and tricks needed to make basic JS work at PlayCanvas code editor.
  3. Use any DB that can work with JS.
  4. As a PS: if discomfort with HTML-rendered buttons, one can play making them invisible on top of 3D button (this can save time in regards to regular 3D backdrop functionality >> in the shape of raycasting or likewise)

how would I add firebase auth to this?

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so means i don’t need these two command anymore ?

import { initializeApp } from "firebase/app";
import { getAnalytics } from "firebase/analytics";

A user email us having trouble adding Firebase 9 modules to a PlayCanvas application. I don’t use Firebase myself so not 100% sure this is the correct way but it seems to run fine and have access to the module functions

Important notes:

firebase-setup.js should have preload disabled


Thank you so much for your help @yaustar! Very helpful.

DISABLE PRELOAD on the setup file and I can import all the things I need. I appreciate you looking into this for me!

For future ref, @yaustar created a firebase folder with firebase-integration.js

(function() {
    var scriptAsset = pc.Application.getApplication().assets.find('firebase-setup.js');

    var moduleElement = document.createElement('script');
    moduleElement.setAttribute('type', 'module');
    moduleElement.setAttribute('src', scriptAsset.getFileUrl());


-AND a NON preloaded firebase-setup.js

import { initializeApp } from '';

// If you enabled Analytics in your project, add the Firebase SDK for Google Analytics
import { getAnalytics } from '';

// TODO: Replace the following with your app's Firebase project configuration
const firebaseConfig = {
    // ...

// Initialize Firebase
const app = initializeApp(firebaseConfig);
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Hey I followed all the steps to get firebase working properly, now I’m retrieving a Json file from firebase but I want to access it from other scripts with in playcanvas, since I disabled preload how can I access the JSON file?

Hi @Lukas_31,

How are you retrieving the JSON file from firebase?

If you have the file contents as a string (text), you can parse its contents like this:

const json = '{"result":true, "count":42}';
const obj = JSON.parse(json);

console.log(obj.count); // outputs 42

Check this manual page on how to communicate between scripts and make your data available.

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Thanks for reply, I figured it out

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