Is there a text object using vectors?

I came across PlayCanvas a week ago or so and just came back to it to experiment a little more. The experiment I started needs some vector text and I can’t seem to find a text tool or object. Is there not a way to use 3D text? (and I don’t necessarily mean extruded text but vector outlined type that is treated like an editable object, possibly to be extruded as well if necessary)

Unfortunately, PlayCanvas doesn’t support vector text natively but it is possible to do: Three Dimensional Text

wow, that is unfortunate…any plans on adding that?

the method you linked to wouldn’t work for my purpose, so I guess I’ll have to give up on using PlayCanvas to build a demo for what I am working on…maybe in a few weeks or months then, I hope.

3D text is very case specific and implementation specific feature. Most of engines actually do not provide out-of-the-box solution for 3D text.

Most cases it is fairly easy to just made 3D model in modeling tool and import it. If you need dynamic text, then you can make models for each letter and assemble text or numbers out of them.