Is there a support number or a Support email for PlayCanvas?

Is there a support number or a Support email for Play Canvas?

Hi Mike

Thanks, There isnt’ a support email. We are corporate and I have a personal account too, I am running into a nasty bug , user error or work flow issue and need help. If a Play Canvas staff member dev could contact me I’d appreciate it.

Or let me know whats going wrong with FBX re imports losing custom material assignments,

Its a mess right now and I am pulling out my hair.
I unchecked material and texture but it still loses custom made materials and reverts back to the FBX ones.

I think @will could help with your problem.

I believe @dave is dealing with this issue on e-mail for you, @Mike_Kennedy. There needs to be some internal discussion to determine how best to proceed. I’m sure Dave will get back to you early next week.

Thanks Will,
This and one other issue is killing me for what we do, will post the other issues as a separate post with an example project.
It was discussed earlier, dragging multiple objects into a scene at the same time, will explain in the other post.

Dave emailed me so fingers crossed.