Is there a smart way to move an object toward a position using force?

Now normally I’d just use set object to position and call it a day, but I ran into an issue I didn’t consider. What if I don’t want it to perfectly go straight towards a point but rather pushed towards it using physics, so that way it would collide and move around.

I’m also interested in pathfinding solutions but I’ll do some digging on my own for that since there is some great methods out there, just need to give it a shot in a different thread (Example of one is A* path finding)

But the answer to this question will suit me fine for now.

Imagine I have a wall , the object i want to move(red circle) and the point in which I want it to move towards. Again I use set position and this happens:

Goes on right through. What I want instead is something like this, but with force applied to it. I imagine a solution using something along the lines of the ‘lookAt’ function with ‘foward.scale’ but I was curious if there was another solution i’m just too dopey to think of. Thoughts?

Hi did you ever figure this out?