Is there a simple way to call all the initialize functions again for all objects in the scene?

We are experimenting with loading scenesand after loading new scene it seems the initialize parto of all scripts isnt calle is there a way to call it manualy for all the scripts?

The initialize method of a script should be called the once for every entity the script is attached to. For the first scene load it should be called after the hierarchy is built and before the first update.

When you load a new scene any new scripts will have initialize called as they are loaded with the scene.

If you wish to reset scripts at an arbitrary time your best bet is to implement a game wide “reset” event and listen for it on every script you wish to reset.


// in game.js
reset: function () {"reset");

// in other.js
initialize: function () {
    var game = app.root.findByName("Game");"reset", function () {
        // reset script
    }, this);