Is there a faster way of adding entities to editor

im using below code to add entities to the editor, from a local json object, but there are about 10000~ entities, and editor.entities.create and entity.set commands get a lot slower after like 2-3k, starts like 100 entity/sec then gets slower about 5 entity/sec, is there a way to create all entities in one call, or editing scene of editor directly, maybe via some api?

i though about creating a gltf file containing whole scene, upload as a asset then add the template, but couldn’t find a easy way to create gltf file, that could work too i guess

    .then((res) => res.json())
    .then(async (/** @type {{position: number[], rotation: number[], mesh: string, parent: string}[]} */ body) => {
      /** @type {Record<string, pc.Entity>} */
      let entities = { PersistentLevel: editor.entities.create({parent: editor.entities.root}), };

        setInterval(() => {
          console.log("remaining", Object.keys(body))
        }, 2000)
      // while loop as scene.json is linear instead of a tree structure
      while (Object.keys(body).length !== 0) {

        for (let [entity_name, entity_data] of Object.entries(body)) {
          if (!entities[entity_data.parent]) continue;
          // dont lock up the event loop
          await new Promise((resolve) => setTimeout(resolve, 1));

          // Create a new Entity
          entities[entity_name] = editor.entities.create({ parent: entities[entity_data.parent] });
          entities[entity_name].set('name', entity_name.split('.').at(-1));
          entities[entity_name].set('position', entity_data.position);
          entities[entity_name].set('rotation', entity_data.rotation);
          if (entity_data.mesh){
 if (!editor.assets.findOne(asset => asset.get('name') === entity_data.mesh.split('.')[0].split('/').at(-1))) {
  throw new Error("cant find mesh" +  entity_data.mesh)
            entities[entity_name].addComponent('render', {
              type: 'asset',
              asset: editor.assets.findOne(asset => asset.get('type') === "render" && asset.get('name') === entity_data.mesh.split('.')[0].split('/').at(-1)).get('id')
          // delete from body so dont create entity again
          delete body[entity_name];