Is their possibility I can create offline html

Is their possibility I can create offline html

Here is the html file

it is completely offline ,so is there any possibility that we can create something like this without having any internet connection

here’s an example (908 Bytes)

This is awesome ,now the thing is how to do it

how to do what?
You can start with the example I sent, and modify it to what you need, using the engine API.
See lots of examples on how this is done here: PlayCanvas Examples

I can create an html that have to be embedded into pages like itch io etc,

I want to know how to export these html into offline html which can be just played like you example sent me

@Nofil_khan Here is how I do it.

This is from a previous post.

Hi I know how to do it and upload manually on any web

I want to be like this example

There are a couple of solutions here in regards to ‘without having any internet connection’.

  1. Run a local server. Probably the simplest solution here is to run a local server on the PC with python simple server or XAMPP or something else. You can then download the build from PlayCanvas and host it from your local server.

  2. Build a simple Electron app so you can run it as an executable.

  3. If you must have it so it can run by double clicking the HTML, I did create a tool that can do a conversion: GitHub - playcanvas/playcanvas-rest-api-tools: A set of tools to use with the PlayCanvas REST API for common jobs such as downloading a build and archiving a project There are some limitations that you should read first and I also recommend that you use extern files option too.


I think perhaps @Nofil_khan is hoping to export a single html file from the Editor, that would embed as binary blobs any assets, instead of loading those from separate files? I’m not sure.

In which case, option 3 is the best/only option for them at this point. The extern files option only creates a few extra files which is needed for large projects otherwise the browser dies loading the HTML with all the base64 assets.

Example: (3.6 MB)

From this project:


Yeah this example is exactly what I need ,i will look into your Third option