Is the Particle System changed?

I found that the particle system shows different performance in different devices now.
sometimes the particles will flash between two position ( the velocity is 0,0,0 and don’t random) ,I don’t kow why,very strange,
Can somebody tell me how to fix this problem?

Can you post a sample scene showing the problem?

Here are the screenshots

there is no other scripts to control it and don’t move it,just a simple particle
I find it performs well on server in PC ,Android and some ios platform like ipad mini2 (just stays at the origin position and doesn’t flash)
But when i export my project and put it on my webserver, I use the ipad air2 to watch it ,the single particle will move very fast between two position with flashing(the particle has no velocity and don’t random)
I don’t kow why…Are there some parameters wrong I set?
I just want to set a particle stays at one position ,don’t move,don’t flash for along time,just like a light
Please help me,I need to play it in the ipad air2

I find when I set Emission Rate from 0 to 0 ,it may work well in common platforms
But in the ipad air2 platform the particle will move very fast,finally I set the rate from 1 to 1,It works well
Maybe we need to take care of the value of the Emission Rate:joy:

Hi @MasterT,

Your best bet is to start up a new public project, recreate just the issue above in a simple example, and post the link - then people can easily verify the issue, and possibly fork the project to try to fix it.

Thank you , I think it’s relative to the performs of devices

Engine v1.17.0 was just deployed with a number of fixes for the particle system.

Please check to see if the problem you are having is still occurring.

Thank you , I will check it

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