Is the multiplayer tutorial for developers broken for anyone else?

Tutorial Link;

Browser; Version 55.0.2883.87 m (64-bit)

Issue; Doesn’t appear to actually be multiplayer, all you see is a small blue capsule blink into existence for around ~150ms and then blink back out to never return back onto the scene itself.

Picture showing the issue; (Two tabs being normal and two being run in incognito mode and can only see themselves)

I see this:

I wonder if it’s because the tutorial pages are running over HTTP and your net connection is, for some reason, blocking the WebSockets traffic. Try running it from the project instead to try HTTPS.

I think that might be it and for some reason my console wasn’t giving off the errors as running it straight from the editor would because;

HTTP - Works Fine -

HTTPS - Doesn’t work -

Edit; Also happened to two other friends I got them to look at it again and they both said it’s working again as-well today but yesterday it didn’t for either them at the time.

Hi all,

I think I am running into similar issues.

I’m getting these errors when playing and debugging - does anyone have any ideas?

Many thanks.

I believe the multiplayer tutorial does not work with HTTPS because the server expects an HTTP connection. Try running it with HTTP instead.

If you are running your own server then make sure it works with HTTPS. Would be useful to know how you’re running this…

I’m running it on a virtual server which I can access - have set up node.js and - and connecting via http not https.

Just not suure why I’m getting those 403’s…

I’m not sure… How are you running the application? What is the URL? Are you hosting it on that server or are you using that server just for the socket?

Tried to host just the socket there but was getting cross browser issues so i’ve decided to host the whole app there too.

The URL is

Are you sure you can connect to the socket? Something’s not set up right there probably I’m not sure what exactly - try to connect to that socket from a simple javascript page first perhaps and if you manage to connect to it it should be fine after that.

Can you test this page? In particular try connecting with TLS and without. And see if it makes difference. Some networks like in universities might be overly strict and block non SSL websocket connections.