Is the IRC channel active? / setPosition in console not working

Hey All,

First does anyone happen to know why the IRC channel is empty?

My problem:
I wrote " foo = this.entity;" in my object script to make it a global var accessible easily from the chrome JavaScript console. When I launched my game and wrote foo.getPosition() in the console, i could see that the position was correctly shown. When I did foo.setPosition(4,11,22) nothing changed to the object, and foo.getPosition() also didn’t show any change. Any suggestions?

Hi there! We stopped using the IRC channel some time ago - we decided that the forum was a better place to communicate. I think there’s still a reference to the IRC channel on the developer site - we need to remove that.

Anyway, I just tried doing what you describe. Here is my project. I can call foo.setPosition(0, 1, 0) in the console just fine and the cube moves up one unit. Maybe you have a script that is also setting the position and it is overwriting your call to setPosition in the console?

Thanks for the response. I realized that its because my object was set to Dynamic. Apparently its not possible to change such an object’s position by setPosition.