Is possible to split an animation?

Hi, I tried more than 100 times to split an animation, I has been search on the forum I saw another people ask the same but maybe these solutions are obsolet.

I wrote this code, in order to get an Array that store all animations but it doesnt work because I dont know how to get frames correctly.

// Animation to split
   const animationClip =;
   var duration = animationClip.duration;
   var fps = 60; 
   var animClips = [];
   var animations = ut.CharFrames; // this is an array that have frame ranges
   animations.forEach( anim => {
      var startTime = anim.startFrame/ fps;
      var endTime = anim.endFrame/ fps;
      const duration = endTime - startTime;

      const newTrack = new pc.AnimTrack();
      newTrack._name =;
      newTrack._duration = duration;
      newTrack._curves = animationClip._curves;
      newTrack._inputs = animationClip.inputs;
      newTrack._outputs = animationClip.outputs;
      // Add the clip to the anim component

I saw that the “inputs” have the frame length of my animation but when I print it to the console I see that it only has 2 values.