Is playcanvas using some special compression mechanism for the project that has been published?


So I have this project that I downloaded from playcanvas and hosted on my own iis server. And I’ve also published my project from playcanvas as well. I noticed that there are some differences between the size of image files that I get from playcanvas and my own iis server when it loaded.
this is size of the pngs when i open project that i uploaded tomy own server:

and this is from the project that i published via playcanvas:

Can anyone from dev shed some lights on how this can possibly happen?


ah~i figured it out my self, i turned of the dynamic compression on iis, and then the image size went back to the same.



We don’t do any compression on image files (as they are already compressed).

How big are the source files in this example?

Are you serving your files using gzip compression on IIS? This could make image files larger than the original.