Is parallax mapping supported by PlayCanvas?

I want to make a surface look less flat. Does PlayCanvas support a kind of parallax mapping?

I don’t think so. At best we have is normal mapping.

There is some support, but it’s a simple offset based, which is the simplest and not very good looking option. I don’t think there’s any example, nor this is exposed in Material inspector, but I think it should work when set from script. See these properties on the StandardMaterial:

  • heightMap
  • heightMapFactor
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And what does it do?
standard parallax mapping?
Steep parallax mapping?
Parallax occlusion mapping?
Something else?

Standard parallax mapping. Don’t get too excited. :slight_smile:
We want to replace it and do something better, but haven’t had time to do it yet.

I understand. I will give it a try :grinning: