Is Legacy option gone?


Following this documentation, I should be able to select the scripting system:

Legacy Scripting

This is the documentation for the legacy script system. The legacy script system is still available for new and existing projects. When you create a new project you are given the choice over which script system you wish to use.


But, I don’t have the choice when I create a new project:

Can we still create a new project with the legacy system? If yes, how?

Sorry, that documentation needs to be updated. We no longer allow users to create projects using legacy scripting by default. As we are beginning to roll out our version control solution this month we are starting to deprecate support for legacy scripting.

Will we be able to use Git or other version control systems? That’s one of the main reason why I want to use the legacy scripting. I like to have my code in physical files and be able to compare them with WinMerge and manipulate them like that.

We’ve just launched our integrated version control feature in the Editor. I recommend getting started with that.

You can access your scripts via the REST API if you want to synchronize them with an external SCM tool like git as well. We should be publishing some more advice on how to do this soon.

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