Is it possible to use the joystick to implement a bezier curve for VR teleportation?

Hello. I’ve been able to implement teleportation with pointing and clicking, but I’m not sure if it’s even possible to implement a bezier curve using the joystick for VR headsets. If it’s possible, is there a sample project that can be found somewhere? Thank you.

You only need two points for your curve - start and end. And by curve here, I mean the visual mesh of the guide line. The end point can be found by normal raycast in a straight line. Once you get those, you would generate a bezier curve that starts under the camera and ends wherever the raycast ended. You can use bezier.js library for that. Once you get the curve points, you would generate a render mesh using Mesh API. Similar to how these trails are generated. It will require some vector math from you to generate a pipe-shaped curved mesh, though.

I got it working. Thanks for your help.