Is it possible to pull assets from a PlayCanvas Editor project to a playcanvas-engine environment?

So we’re starting an exciting new project, and our team is trying to figure out a robust technical workflow involving a mix of Git/Github and the PlayCanvas Editor.

We are using a feature branch workflow within git. Our plan right now is to use a single ‘main’ PlayCanvas branch (associated with our main git branch), that we then protect and push to using feature PRs (with their own associated git branches). We also have an ‘artist’ PlayCanvas branch, where our artists would actively design and place assets in, that shares code with main so artists can test the game in real-time. (Artists would then merge their artist PlayCanvas branch into the main PlayCanvas branch when completing their work).

So our primary question: Is there a way to pull assets from an artist PlayCanvas branch, into our main git branch (manually or through a Github action)? Or maybe, artist PlayCanvas branch → merge into main PlayCanvas branch → sync assets into main git branch? Our goal is to give our engineers the ability to run their full development environment including art assets entirely within git, using playcanvas-engine.

For clarity, our engineers would work by forking the main git branch into a feature branch (eg. player-speedup-ability). That means, within that new branch, they should be able to run a local playcanvas-engine environment with both the latest stable code and latest stable assets / environment.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi @sniffles,

Someone from the PlayCanvas team may comment in addition, just sharing the following post. It contains some insight on how to use the editor to author scenes + asset “packs” that you can load in a local PlayCanvas engine only project: