Is it possible to enable the array re-ordering UI element from the Script component for user-defined arrays?

There’s a little 6-dot icon for script entries in the Script component. It can be clicked and dragged around to re-order the update order of the script instances, which is awesome.

It would be very, VERY beneficial to be able to add that same functionality to our own array attributes via the JSON schema or something like that. We have a very specific use for arrays that get iterated over, and the inability to re-order elements is making life hard for our designers.

Is there a way to add this ‘unofficially’ based on that same 6-dot element from the Script component? I don’t mind if its hack-y, it’d be a life saver!

@vaios might know this one. or @Elliott

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Any word so far?

This will need to be a feature request on the PCUI repo which the Editor is based on: GitHub - playcanvas/pcui: UI component library for the web

AFAIK, there is no functionality at the moment to reorder array elements :frowning:

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I see I see, no stress at all. I’ll pop one through when I get a chance, thanks!

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