Is it possible to develop 3d virtual world like Sims free play?

Is it possible to develop a 3d virtual world like Sims using this software?

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It is possible but contains lots of scripting works


Question is like: Is it possible to build a house using builders tools?
Answer: Yes. You just need to build it :slight_smile:

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Are there any guides or something that could give some information on how to develop a virtual world?

As any other idea out there, you have very broad and general request.
Even if someone have made projects of such nature, all of them had to go through learning path from the bottom, all the way to the target.

Guide is one: you have learn to gamedev. That means learn to learn, code, solve problems, debug, etc.
Do not rush, start slowly but steadily.

Read up on User Manual:
Learn JavaScript:

And start from something more simpler, way way simpler.

If you really like sims and want to build your own start with basic things like player movement, sims alike games need a lot of animations, hope your are good with 3d graphic, then you need to build a basic house and make the player interact, you need to create the interface to buy and place objects, you need to develop a relation system with npcs (tons of variables), the time rotation (day/night) the player reactions and so on. Is an hell of work but if u have patience and you are good with 3d graphic…i guess in 3yrs you will have something playable.

Check out this example of a PlayCanvas app that look a little bit like The Sims:

So, yes, clearly it’s possible. :wink:

If you want it randomly generated, the procedural generation tutorial is great for putting houses in random spots. I’ll put a link later.