Is it possible to customise the splash screen color like Vimeo?

Hi guys,

I would like to know if it’s possible to modify the colors of playcanvas splashscreen.
When i embed a playcanvas content i would like to be able to match to colors of my website to keep all content in Harmony.

Basically i would love to have exactly what vimeo offer :

My goal is to be able to get this when i embed playcanvas content in my site :

Basically having the ability to:

  • modify background color
  • progression bar color
  • display / hide the social network you don’t want
  • display / hide the number of view
    etc …

Is it possible to do so at the moment ?

Thanks for your time

It is possible to change the splash screen to your desire if you have an Organization account. Then you can create a custom loading screen like so:

Many thanks for your very fast answer vaios.

The feature you describe allow you to totaly disable any mention to Playcanvas.
And thus justify an organisation subscription.

My point is that if you are under a personnal plan you can’t do that.
I find that having this option would be fair for individual plan as:

  • you keep the playcanvas logo in bold in any of your embed content so users know about you
  • but you can have a better experience compare to free plan when you embed content on your site.

This is exactly what vimeo plan offer you have 3 type of account:

  • free
  • plus
  • pro

As soon as you pay a plus subscription you are allow to enhance the experience compare to free users, with custom embed parameters. You don’t need a pro account for that.

At the moment the level of customisation you get on your embed content is the same with the free and the individual plan. That is not perfectly fare imo.


I see what you mean. This is not possible at the moment, but if it does get in our roadmap I will definitely let you know!

Thanks again for the very fast feedback ! :slight_smile: