Is it possible the texture compression servers need some encouragement?

My compression job has been running for much longer than is usually should. And, I’m unable to cancel the compression tasks, which normally is available (by unselecting the checkboxes and clicking on ‘COMPRESS’ again).

The job has quite a few 4K textures, but nothing larger…I know that can cause problems.

We will take a look at this. It shouldn’t take this long.

I’ve just tried it myself, and texture compression on both Basis and Legacy seem fine. Can you post one of the asset ids of the textures that are ‘stuck’?

Thanks @yaustar, it finally got though the job. But, it took hours! …I was up late last night.

Do you still want to see a sample texture? I can send one.

Yes please, it be useful to see if there’s something in particular about the texture that took it hours.

We will also be releasing Basis compression veeeery soon :shushing_face:

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Actually, it looks like the UI is in-place now, for Basis compression vs Legacy. I’ll find one of the textures and share it.

Ah, you missed the announcement yesterday :grimacing: Basis Texture Compression arrives in the PlayCanvas Editor! 🚀

I spoke with the team @Cain_Quigley and it basically comes down to the dimensions and legacy format you want to convert. DXT is the fastest but PVR, ETC are just REALLY slow for large textures.

I’ve tried the textures with Basis and its light years faster relatively. If you can switch to Basis, I would recommend trying it and checking the quality meets your needs.

@yaustar I have to agree with your statement on the Basis compression scheme. It is SUCH a huge improvement!

Over the weekend, I applied it to a project that had gotten very large. There were a lot of textures with mipmaps and we compress into all formats (for desktop and mobile use). First, my artist did a simple texture reduction pass, to bring all image files down (cut the dimensions in half). Then I removed Legacy compression, and applied the Basis compression. The project build went from 251 MB down to 25 MB! Of course, not all of that was compression, but the improvement is dramatic.

I found that I still had to use Legacy compression for PVR with textures that are POT, but not square.

A problem, however:
I still have bad results whenever I try to compress assets used in a cubemap that is used as a skybox. It happens with both Legacy and Basis compression. The result is that the lateral 4 images in the skybox get turned upside down. As soon as I turn off the compression for the textures, the skybox is fixed.


There is a bug with compressed cubemap textures, check the following for a temporary workaround:

See, I knew it was a bug.

I’ll stop mentioning it. :wink:

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@Cain_Quigley For textures that are non-square, it’s only on PVR-based devices that the Basis texture will be expanded to RGB 565 uncompressed. And that’s only pre-iOS 14 devices. Since iOS 14, iOS now supports ASTC which is way better quality than PVR - and the engine will transcode the Basis file to that instead just fine. Personally, I would just make all my textures Basis and if a small subset that are non-square get decompressed on pre-iOS 14 iPhones, so be it.