Is information sharing between projects possible?

i wanted to make a server creator project for arendia(link here: PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine) and the players be able to join that server that was made in the other project and the editor be in the server creator project, if this is possible, can you share the code?

I’m not clear on what you mean. Are you asking how to copy code and other assets to another project? If so, you can copy and paste between projects:

no, i mean like how you create games in roblox studio, a different app than roblox, then play them in the main app(roblox)

Depends on how you want it to look. If you want it like a scene load then now, that isn’t trivially possible.

But you can have it so that when you enter a portal for a game or click a button or something, you can navigate the browser window to a different link/page by doing something like this: web applications - How to go from one page to another page using javascript? - Stack Overflow