iOS WebKit black screen


I would need to know if it’s possible to view playcanvas html export in ios application via wkwebview instead of webview.

I only see black screen when I run the project

Thanks in advance


I know that a lot of people struggle to use WebGL with a wkwebview, even though Apple instructs to start using this kind of view to replace the older UI WebView.

I think this is an iOS/Apple issue for the moment:

Hi. I have the same issue. Any thoughts about fixing it?
Or I need write about it on Apple/iOS forum?
Thank you.

Does this happen with other WebGL engines like three.js etc? If so, it’s more of a iOS/Apple issue. If not, there’s something we are doing on our side.

Any error logs would greatly help

@giorgiodp -
Check that your Safari settings match what you are trying to do. In settings, follow this path

Safari > Advanced > Experimental Features

You will have a list of things that are enabled or disabled, have a look through these: