IOS Fill window issue

I am applying fill window while scale blend 1, it fill all window on android but on safari it shows gaps on both left and right side.

when run on chrome, it look like this.

Hi @techy_589!

I’m not sure, but I think this is as expected with a scale blend of 1. You probably see a difference on your iOS device because of the screen size of that device.

To get a fullscreen result on all devices I normally use a scale blend of 0.5. As far as I know that means it gives the same priority on width and height, while a scale blend of 1 gives priority on height.

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if i set scale blend to 0.5 then it shows space on all sides like top, bottom, left and right. i want to give priority on height. For example viewport of iphone 7 plus 414/736, and it completely covers the whole screen on developer tools. but when i run it on real device it shows spaces.

The tool is not showing the bar on top and bottom of the browser, so I think that’s why the tool doesn’t show the actual result.

Maybe the page below can help you to find the best setting.

By the way, this sounds strange to me.

What is the resolution of your project?

It is in portrait mode width: 720 height: 1280

Please also take a look at the project settings.


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same as your setting, but the issue is still there.

Maybe @mvaligursky can tell how to achieve the desired result.

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I have not used this in the past, so unfortunately no suggestion from me. But I believe this area was discussed on the forum multiple times, perhaps see if you can find those threads.

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