iOS device tap acting like multi click on UI

This is started to come again on iPhone device…
One of my client facing issue with clicking on his iphone.

It lead to auto click on next button which is right after the next button.

Can you give an example project and the iOS version that you are seeing the issue on please?

Hello @yaustar,

Apologies for late reply…

This is device detail:

I created this project and here also happening same…

Basically i removed Button component from it… Then this started to happen…

Here is the sample video…

It should got to second screen but it is jumping to third screen immediately…

Using event.preventDefault fixes the issue.


    this.gotoPage1Btn_secondScreen.element.on('click', function (evt) {
        setTimeout(function () {
            console.log("Clicked = gotoPage1Btn_secondScreen");

            this.firstScreen.enabled = true;
            this.secondScreen.enabled = false;
            this.thirdScreen.enabled = false;
        }.bind(this), 10);
    }, this);

Fixed project:

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