iOS Blue canvas highlight on long press

I tried Yaustar’s fix here:

But I m still getting the same issue. I’m having to test this by uploading files via ftp each time which takes forever, so Ive been shortcutting by NOT uploading the files folder. COuld this be the issue? I thought the files folder just contained graphics and such

Does the issue occur in the launch tab of the Editor when testing on an iOS device? If no, then it’s a problem with how you have uploaded your build to the server.

Changing a script’s loading type to be before/after the engine means that it doesn’t get included in the concatenation or minification step of scripts in the build/publish step and is a separate file in the file/assets folder like the other assets.

TLDR; yes, it is more than like lybecause you haven’t updated the files folder on FTP server.