iOS 14.4 - Sound issue with Cordova


I tried to debug an issue with iOS 14.4 and a Playcanvas project.

I got this error with a fork of this tutorial :

I have used a mp3 sound from a personal project to test it in a more simple project than mine.

The pc project is running inside a Cordova container. I also added cordova-plugin-ionic-webview

The error is “Error loading audio url: note_1.mp3: Network error”

The same sound in an audio tag inside the webview works fine.

Is it the only asset that doesn’t load?

Will recently wrote up this guide for Cordova if that may help:

Yes it is the only asset that doesn’t load. The project runs fine, but without sound :slightly_frowning_face:

Fixed using Howler.js (

May be there is an issue for Playcanvas here, no ?

Would you be able to provide a small reproducible to look at please? I don’t think it is something we’ve encountered with Cordova ourselves.