Invite someone to my team

I have an organization license and I’m trying to invite someone to my team so that he can look at my code. I’ve done this many times without any issues. Now when I try I’m asked to buy an additional seat. Any ideas on what is happening? Thanks, Henk

Check your organisation account page and see who are currently occupying your seats. You can only add someone to your project that is owned by the Org if they currently occupying a seat or if you have a spare seat.

Hmm… I’m confused. For years now, I’ve been able to ask someone to join a project without buying additional seats. Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong or if something has changed.

Ηι @henkdawson,

Maybe you were just inviting people to public Playcanvas projects, instead of private projects? In public projects you can invite as many people as you like (I think, @yaustar correct me if there is a limit here).

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Yes - that was it! I changed it to a public project and it work. Thanks!

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Speaking of which, why is there this difference between public and private projects with this?

I believe there’s no reason for a restriction if a project is public. It’s unlikely for commercial gain as it is public and copyable.

I mean more why as a paying user I cannot add a free account to help me if the project is private. I had this problem when I wanted to protect my idea. I decided to upgrade PlayCanvas and make my project private. However, I was forced to leave my project public because my help could no longer help me otherwise.

It’s because the license is considered to be per user or per seat which is inline with most software such as the Adobe suite, Unity, Unreal etc.

Otherwise someone could create a private project and have their entire team as free users at the cost of a single license.

I did think about perhaps suggesting it apply only if the other team members have write permissions. If it’s read only access, then maybe that restriction shouldn’t apply?

Would that cover your use case?

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Okay, I understand. I’ve been thinking about an alternative, but it’s a tough one. The read-only feature is somewhat useless in my opinion.

The read only option will allow someone to access your private project and look at the way that the scene is setup as well as access all of the code. They can then message you to say X/Y needs changing etc.

It will also allow them to access the branches and checkpoints in version control.

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@Albertos with the above, do you think it still doesn’t cover your use case?

Not really. We both worked on the scripts because he helped me with the difficult things. However, it was my idea and my project. Since I didn’t want this to be public, I decided to become a paid user. Obviously I couldn’t expect my helper to become a paid user too. That’s why I had to take the risk of leaving my idea public because I wouldn’t be able to continue on my own.

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I understand the benefit of making the projects public - it makes the community more active. However, much of my work requires Non Discloser Agreements and making projects public is not an option. Also, paying an additional $50 per month to have another person on a team is cost prohibitive. Companies like Adobe and the foundry offer two seats per license. Is that an option for Playcanvas?

Unfortunately, we currently have no plans to change the pricing structure.

Side note: on Foundry and Adobe, AFAIK you can install the software on two computers per license but only permitted to use one computer at any one time so you will need two licenses for two team members.

Edit: actually foundry allow you to use both computers at the same time.

Side side note: the seats in an ORG are floating in case that wasn’t known. Not sure if that helps you in this case.