Inverse Kinematics

I need inverse kinemtics for a karlson fan-game i am creating(and wall jumping would be good too)

That’s not available in PlayCanvas right now, but feel free to make a feature request:

Could you try to add inverse kinematics so i can add clumsy robots to my game

It looks like Bullet supports inverse kinematics so it might be possible that the API is exposed in Ammo. Unfortunately, this isn’t a high priority feature at the moment so it is unlikely it will be added by the team in the near future.

If you tell us what you need the inverse kinematics for, then we can tell you why you don’t need it. It is needed, if you are trying to program and control a real world physical robot’s arm, for example. In the game world, you can use normal forward animations:

There are some cases, when IK is useful for collision detection during animations, but most often it can be ignored and some generalized animation used, since IK is more demanding on CPU.

Well, Im trying to have a simple system that can be easily rigged to make characters like robots, for example move, so we don’t have to use animations for everything, and so I can add rag dolls instead of them just falling over in an animated state.

Rag dolls don’t use inverse kinematics though.

I would apply rag doll to the same model, and the same set-up will work with the rag doll as IK, but i just turn IK off when needed to ragdoll