Invalid path char: Animation name contains | (pipe) char, fails when used in Windows

An animation is named myModel|myAnimation in PlayCanvas, which contains the invalid | char, that is not supported in Windows filenames. This breaks the downloaded builds:

Exporting animation from Blender:

Yields the following in PlayCanvas editor:

Which after downloading and unpacking the local build in Windows results in:

When running the build, the animation no longer being recognized and the model is no longer animated


We have a ticket to track these: Disallow/Replace problematic characters in Asset names? · Issue #449 · playcanvas/editor · GitHub

Hopefully, we will find time to handle these issues on import

Do I understand correctly that it was Blender that ended up naming a file with the | character and not PlayCanvas? Maybe I can look into it on the Blender side to attempt to avoid running into this in projects.
My post was mainly aimed at the idea that the naming convention myModel|myAnimation was something that the PlayCanvas asset loader assigns, and that it might be better picking something else for that. If that’s not the case, than the issue you posted is still a handy feature to pursue.

I’m not familiar with Blender but I’m under the impression it’s from the naming convention in Blender rather than PlayCanvas otherwise I would have expected more reports of this issue.

@slimbuck Would you know more about this?

Sorry for the trouble @JangoH. We don’t do a good job of sanitizing filenames in our asset pipeline. This is definitely something we should address and will do so under the ticket that @yaustar linked.

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