Introducing the New PlayCanvas Asset Store

Hi everyone! We are so excited to officially announce the brand new PlayCanvas Asset Store!


We have published a blog article with all the details:

The Store has actually been live for a few days now but we decided to hold off on a public announcement until we had made sure everything worked perfectly. We think that, in the long run, it’s going to transform how people use PlayCanvas. So much potential! :smile:

We also just posted a tweet:

If you can help us out with a retweet to spread the word, we would really appreciate it. :pray:

Anyway, let us know what you think of it - we believe it’s a massive upgrade when compared to the old store - do you agree? What would you like to see added to the store? Got any suggestions for us?


I love the new store but a couple things you could add are some FPS shooter scripts and maybe a text asset if the playcanvas api.

There is a new filter - Template and we started populating it with stuff - check this First Person Controller for example.


I like the new look and additions. Hopefully a lot more things will be added there but obviously the only thing that will make it actually viable (above all the rudimentary stuff) is third party contribiutions - an actual store. Is that something that is coming soon?

Not soon unfortunately. At least not in the Unity asset store sense. There are goals for the long term for this though. We may instead work with developers and perhaps have an allowlist of users for free assets.

The short term goal here was help new users to quickly try out PlayCanvas are get something going without needing to source their own assets.


Great Addition!
Are you planning to integrate PC close libraries as well (like the tween-Library or the Spine integration script). Adding those by hand is no big deal, but I guess for new users it would be good to so that those things exist in the first place.

Thanks for your great work!

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great idea!

I like the idea of users adding models and stuff to the asset store. It would be fun to make something that everyone can use! You probably would need to personaly check the models first.



Perfect, thanks!

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Man, can’t live without an asset store :joy:

yeah with without 3rd party stuff it would feel pretty empty