Introducing AirConsole - use Smartphones as controllers for your HTML5 games

Hey PlayCanvas Devs!

My name’s Alice and I work as a game developer for a platform called AirConsole. AirConsole is a free, web-based console for WebGL/HTML5 games that are played in the browser and controlled by smartphones.
We mostly specialize in local multiplayer and party games - dozens of players can easily be connected to one game session.

To get an impression of what we do, head over to our store, connect your phone (no downloads required) and play a game or two - we recommend Tower of Babel or Silly Run Valley, both for 1-8 players, both made in Unity 3D.

Now, I personally work in Unity, but I had a look at the PlayCanvas editor and thought it looked really really cool. We would love to see what kinds of awesome local multiplayer and party games you guys can come up with, so if any PlayCanvas devs are interested in AirConsole and developing for it, we would love to find a way to export PlayCanvas games directly to AirConsole.

So, bottom line: tell us what you think about AirConsole and let us know if you’re interested in some sort of collaboration!


This could be useful. Will it work for turning smartphones to gamepads for controlling a pc game? I’m making a first person shooter for pc with playcanvas.

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Hi! Glad to hear you’re interested. Yes, using the smartphone as a gamepad for pc games is what we do. It just has to be exported to WebGL and uploaded to AirConsole.
It doesn’t work for ALL types of controls though… We’ve made the experience that it’s very hard to imitate a traditional gamepad on a touchscreen (lack of tactile feedback) and it’s usually better for AirConsole games to have controls that are unique to the platform.

I’m converting the file to .exe, with NW.js. Can you hook it up?

I’m not sure I understand your question. You mean if you can use airconsole with a standalone pc build?
Because no, that’s not possible, it’s entirely online and has to be built to html5/webGL.

No way to connect to the internet and use the smartphone as a gamepad for pc standalone?

I think Alice misunderstood what you were trying to say. If you just wrap the NW.js app in an exe, and expect your user to always have access to the internet then yes, airconsole will still work.

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Good. I will atempt to hook it up when it comes to that.

Does it work with Android as well as Apple? I will need to test it and my Mom’s phone is Android.

It does.
Please read documentation and try to find information which is listed on website and all around, finding information yourself is way way way faster than asking someone else, making someone else answering it for you, and all that time it takes to do it.

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Yes, it works with iOS and Android.

Hello Alice and thanks Max to share the information of airconsole. I’am really intrest in airconsole using playcanvas for a couple of projects. What is the next step? How can we colkaborate? If you want, visit www.enti cat… I am one of the crazy teachers.