Introduce yourself


Hey everyone! I known as Hallsofvallhalla on the web, two ll’s but this username only allowed 1. I am Software Engineer and have been in web game development for quite a few years. I teach web game development tutorials on youtube and Udemy. I have over 1300 subscribers and I am admin on a large web based development community at I have several open source games and helped pioneer using Nodejs for games.
It is truly great to be here and get a chance to use PlayCanvas. I am eager to learn and use it and hopefully do some video tutorials on it and link in some NodeJS for some MMO and multiplayer fun!


Hello, I am Zac Pez, also known as zacpez Online. I am currently a Part-Time student at Vancouver Island University, Canada. I started developing with JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 during the Spring 2013 web programming course. Having enjoyed it so much, I decided it is what defines my career path in Computing Science now. As of this post, I have been web programming 6 months, although my most simple experiences extend back further.

My first project in PlayCanvas is FreeChase, I initially planned to develop in Python(now I say ick). Pythons great for hashing out ideas, but a JavaScript game was intended for a final release. FreeChase is a Multiplayer cops and robbers FPS. You either start as a cop or a robber, where the cop chases the robber through hallway(s) in a building. The goal for the robber is to evade the cop for long enough to get away safely, and the goal for the cop is to catch robber before that time.


Hey guys~ I’m Jen, better known as Arcinox online. I’m an Engineering student studying programming and games systems. I’ve been programming for four years now though I still have yet to break out of the education circle and do something I consider “my own” to showcase. My skills have mostly been practiced in C languages (C# mainly!) but I really want to break into some JavaScript, so I figured why not test myself for my Final Year Project!

PlayCanvas looks like a pretty decent toolbox, and what better way to really confirm that other than using it yourself? c:


Hello there, I’m Adrian but friends call me Cyborg, I’m “computing” by 20 years and I’m a software developer since 2001.
I’ve started coding when I was 15; I was an indie GBA developer 2 years later and made a few demos on it. I love to prove congectures with the aid of computers.
I’m definitely addicted to soft-bodies and racing simulations and that’s what I’m going to play with over here.
Regards :slight_smile:


Hi all, I am Tanguy Dewavrin, I used to be an Art Director in the games industry. I’m now an entrepreneur making games and virtual items in Playstation Home: I founded Atom Republic 1 year ago. I would like to make a social game next, using Playcanvas. Please get in touch if you want to know more.


Hi. My name is Hassan. I’m a hobbyist (aspiring professional) developper. I just bumped into playcanvas and now I can’t stop playing with it. Keep up the super awesome work

Little stealth game

Hi all!

My name’s Tom and I’m a composer, sound designer and audio recordist. I found out about Playcanvas by attending a one day jam at the Virgin Media Games Space last week.

I’d like to offer people help (if I can) with sound for their games, by which I mean background music, ambiances, sound effects and voice recording. Drop me a message if you’re in need of my services!

You can hear some of my previous work (including the music I hastily wrote at the jam) on my soundcloud.

For more general work I have done, check out my website.

I have a penchant sci-fi and fantasy but am also very interested in games about the real world, be that politics, philosophy or education.

Oh, and I have made a little interactive story (alas not with Playcanvas, but Twine) which I’d love any feedback about: Utopia

Twine games and PlayCanvas
On your offer for helping out with game music

Hey Everyone,

I’m Jason,

I am a professional 3D artist and developer. I am really excited about the potential of this engine. I have experience in many engines. I think that html 5 is the way to go, since I wont have to worry about building projects different ways depending on my target platform… In a word awesome. Feel free to check out some of my projects on my blog:



Hi Jason,

Welcome to the community. :slight_smile: Just checked out your blog. I liked your last LD entry (CherryBomber). I’ve been thinking about making a 3D angry birds and it sort of reminded me of that. PlayCanvas has got a cool integrated physics engine so you should maybe have a play with that. It’d be great to hear what you think of the asset uploading functionality in PlayCanvas too and find out what features you think we should add next.

Have fun!



3D modeling, texturing and animation. I also do some audio video editing. I am working on a game idea that is purely a function of profitability. My problem is I am Java/JavaScript retarded. No, really, I’ve proved it to myself. So I am looking for a programmer for a simple game.


I’m Gary. I’ve spent the last year writing games for the One Game A Month (1GAM) Challenge as a way to try out various game frameworks such as Haxe/NME and Unity. I figured I would try to use PlayCanvas for my last two 1GAM entries.

I’m pleasantly surprised that I can create some models and animations in Blender and have them just work in-browser! Also, it’s nice that I can export a scene and run it on my iPad using CocoonJS.


I’m an Electrical Engineering student at the University of South Africa. I am currently doing my second year (2014 is my third year), in Computer Systems - combination of Electrical Engineering and Advanced Systems Development (Software Engineering). I have developed a passion for game development. I am not a ‘hardcore’ gamer, but I love to express my creativity in a virtual environment. I have never used PlayCanvas before, but my friends have recommended it. Hopefully, I will be able to collaborate with graphic artists and other developers on PlayCanvas.


Hi Simon Katan,

Online as kimonsatan. I’m a digital artist with a background music but I also dabble in the more arty end of game design. Mostly I work with Openframeworks but have been getting more into Javascript in the past year, so this tool seems perfect. This year I’m running a digital drop in for young people at Camden Roundhouse and would love to use Playcanvas as an entry point for games development.

Check out some of my stuff at

PlayCanvas as entry point for game development

Hi! I’m Marty Tennison and I’m a Perl programmer who is toying with the idea of making a small mmo game for fun and learning. I used to run a BBS in the 90’s and wrote a few games in Dbase that were played via ANSI terminal. (yikes!) But it was fun so I’m researching my options. I really like the idea of Playcanvas and the architecture used to make it happen. So far I like what I see. Thanks for building a great community @will and @dave.


Greetings all,
My name is Melanie but online I am generally refered to as Arimia.

I come from a graphic design background with a head exploding with game ideas that are going nowhere fast. So I found this game-building program and thought i’d give it a try… to put those ideas into production- even if it is on a modest scale to begin with. Most of my ideas are simply too big for just little me to handle so the collaborative environment this system seems to encourage could provide extra oppertunities beyond my self.

Now-a-days I am a part time TAFE teacher (australian tertiary education system/ technical college) and part time freelance designer (multimedia and user interface primarily) but in a few months i’ll be headed for university. pleasure to meet you all and hope to get cracking
~rubs hands together with a stupid sort of excited grin~.



Hi I teach computer science class including one using Unity3D and one using html5/webgl/websockets/etc. It is nice to meet all of you.


I’ve been programming for 11 years if I’m not working making software I’m Disc golfing or spending time with family. I’m really interested in making a browser based 3d Disc golf game out of some assets I have. I have some assets on my PC and some 3 models of some discs, a target basket some animated players, and some 2 models for the GUI. That’s were I will be spending my time here doing. any one interested in collaborating let me know. I look forward to see what this can do.


I’ve never heard of disc golf! It looks like it would be a great fit for the physics engine integration. Look forward to what you create. Handy that you already have assets for it too.


Hi, I’m Josh. I am an electronic music producer and would love to collaborate and make any type of music, ambiances, or sound effects. If you want to hear some of my original music you can check out my bandcamp


Hey Josh. Welcome! It’s great to have a talented audio composer join the community. My audio skills are a bit…well…underwhelming. :slight_smile: So I might get in touch for soundtracks for future PlayCanvas games I make!