Interesting SIGGRAPH presentation on unreal level performance on mobile hardware (including web)

Hey everyone,
If you haven’t seen it already I found this (highly technical) document very interesting regarding ways to get better performance out of older hardware.

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Saw it sometime earlier, when Sebastian posted it on his Twitter. Its amazing how they managed to make 10 000 (ten thousand!) draw calls under 1ms on a single render thread, high end device. Even low end devices are okeyish, at least 40 FPS seems to be no problem. While we struggle with anything over 200 draw calls in web dev :sob:

It’s super clever how they managed to pack the draw calls in a single buffer and update it per frame without introducing additional lag, across a wide range of different APIs (WebGL included!) and devices.

Very cool, however we have to temper our expectations because, you know javascript. Previously I’d got millions of draws at 60fps by essentially batching them into a few draw calls and using datatextures for all of the information and “compute shaders” (webgl 1 style). That was mostly 2d though so probably not so applicable.