Interest in Blender, Playcanvas, WebGL tools?

Hey all,

Over the past years of working with WebGL tech (and Playcanvas), we’ve developed some internal tools and methodologies to make our workflow easier. Although it’s not our main focus, we are wondering how useful some of these tools might be if we released them to the public. And if we did release them, what form it might take.

First one that comes to mind is a Blender to Playcanvas scene exporter. It does full lightmap pre-rendering and scene configuration (all the bells and whistles to reduce load time). You simply give it a single Blender project file and some the scene is fully created, optimized, hosted, and embeddable. Here’s an example of an end-product that uses it (older version so workflow to create this wasn’t 100% the same).

Another thing that comes to mind is a tool that lets you walk through both virtual and real scenes (in a panorama tour-like fashion) multiple orders of magnitude faster loading and rendering than a naive implementation might. Also mobile device optimized (for both GPU VRAM and network latency) and instantly embeddable to popular platforms like Medium. Example here (the embed on the page is what I’m talking about) -

Anyhow, let me know if either of these things sound even remotely interesting to you all! Feedback and thoughts are appreciated :blush:


The Blender to Playcanvas scene exporter sounds amazing


All of this sounds interesting.

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I’m glad that there’s some interest in this!

What features in particular stand out to you and what would your use-cases be? We have a hodgepodge of things lumped together and want to know what the key tools/workflows people care about are.

For us the benefit was that it was a completely cloud-based solution that didn’t require any custom Blender scripts- we mainly used it for prototyping and showing others our work, so going from file -> clickable/optimized link in the shortest time possible what what we wanted. Considering that I think it might be more interesting to artists turned developers rather than pure developers, but that’s why I’m trying to get feedback from you guys.

By the way @DevPlex01 I checked out PolyBrawl and it’s pretty neat! Though I did notice that I could keep pressing up to make sure I didn’t die :wink:

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Thx @makorihi. It’s a project I’ve been working on and still am. Also I’m keeping that limitless jump feature for the squares only. I’m going to include more shapes later,each having their own special abilities.


The Blender to Playcanvas scene exporter sounds amazing

I’m definitely interested in hearing more about that, and the other tools.


What features that I mentioned sound most interesting to you? A lot of our tools are sort of piecewise and optimized for our own workflow, so I am really trying to figure out which parts people are interested in. Another example of a tool we have is a web-based GPU-optimized texture generator (PVR, DXT, etc) and scripts for playcanvas (so that you don’t have to rely on the pc editor and can automate things via API).

Are there any tasks or workflows in specific that you usually deal with that you have complaints about? (Also are you an avid Blender user?)

Hello Makorihi. I am really very interested in those js APIs. Really excited. Thanks for your work :grinning:

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