Interest for advertising plugin in asset store?

Hello! I wanted to gauge the interest from the PlayCanvas community about an advertising plugin built for this game engine.

We’re interested in adding an advertising plugin to the PlayCanvas store. This would be for those who are interested in advertising in their games. It will be a free-plugin for the developers to integrate into your games and we’d share the revenue. We like to focus on incentivized views to make it less intrusive but we also do pre-rolls, interstitials, etc. Since we (Boom - work directly with advertisers, we can offer much higher cpms hovering around the $15-20 click per view with global coverage. We’re also a network of influencers which can help with user acquisition.

It would be great to hear your feedback about an advertising plugin and if you would use it? We thought it might be beneficial to offer this at the beginning of development rather than trying to integrate a bunch of SDK’s after the game has already launched. Thanks in advance.