Integrate all scripts into one hug script?

Ok so I´m gonna make one huge script with all the scripts in one is there a easier way than just using entitites to put the script into one? or is this the only way Lol theres always another way

Why are you trying to do this? When you publish the build, there’s an option (that’s ticked by default) that already merges all the JS scripts to a single file.

Are you trying to merge all your pc.Scripts into a single pc.Script or just have one single physical file?

No I mean put all the javascript coding into one big script

I’m not sure of this is something you want to do, but this is how i work on my projectsIf you write your scripts offline in something like Intelij IDEA, it builds your scripts and uploads them to PlayCanvas. but during the build, it merges all your scripts into one and uploads that file to your online project.
when adding a script to an entity, you can still choose from all your scripts you made locally.
here is a link on how to achieve this:

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PlayCanvas does that automatically when you publish. The benefit is on loading time only as the browser only has to request and download one file for all the game pc.scripts from the server.

when I say integrate together I mean the script must have one script filled with all y other scripts in the who game kinda like concentrating it all into one JS

Yes, the PlayCanvas publish process does this.

Basically, if you inspect a Playcanvas game, and look at it’s source. All the code is put into one script. So you don’t have to do something like that. It’s done automatically.