Input text From User in PlayCanvas

I have Tried Using Html Element Input for getting user text. But the thing is that it never really aligns with my form built in play canvas. I have tried CSS styling to get it to re-position and resize according to the screen but it never really works. Is their any other way around this or am i stuck in a dead end???

Are you trying to use a html text input field with the PlayCanvas UI system?

If so, try this Released: Aphrodite Starter Kit UI Text Input

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yes exactly, but are their any options that are free :smiley: ??

You could do the whole UI in HMTL.

What I’m guessing is that the starter kit from the above link is creating a hidden text input field and replicating the data back to the PlayCanvas UI system. So the PlayCanvas UI text element is a proxy for the hidden HTML one.

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yes i see that, the thing is that it doesn’t handle the cursor movement with mouse or even show it.

What do you mean? As in you can’t highlight to select?

yes exactly that, P.S i can see the faint cursor on the top left corner XD