InkWars (.io) - Splash and capture!

Hi everyone!

I just released a new game with PlayCanvas.

InkWars is an browser game where you paint an area with splash tubes and weapons. The game is all about to capturing fields with using colors. Colors are basically represents teams. There are several weapons and bonuses in each game. You can customize your character and with earned items, you can make it more unique.

The game is very similar to Splatoon 2. The game is available on Nintendo switch only. So I thought it can be good idea to make an web version of it.

Link :

Please let me know about your thoughts.


Ok So I have a ton of stuff to say so ready lol

I wanted to ask how did you do the ui like did you just use plain css and html or another service?
Next I wanted to know what did you use to get your custom domain because I’ve been trying to make my game but I cant figure what services are easiest to use without overwhelming myself.
Then I alos I wanna know what service did you use for the client side like the backend service to make the game multiplayer .
Also Your game is great thats all I wanted to know thnx

Btw whats with all the ads I know you wanna make a lot of money off this most likely but you gotta dial down oon the ads heh

  • For UI, I used Playcanvas editor. That’s all, there is no CSS or HTML for UI. It’s just simple 2D screen.
  • You can buy domain on You can also buy a hosting to serve your Playcanvas project files online.
  • It simply uses javascript for multiplayer side.

Regarding advertising ;

  • I’ll find better way to serve ads. I see what do you mean. Thank you for your feedback.

Thank you for your comments.

Hm I see lol seems like it costs 44.00 dollars for that domain I may just do it all myself the hard way lol and Bluehost seems like a good website hosting service so I may try that Thnx for your answers