Ingame Live Events?

So I know you’ve heard of games like fortnite having insane live events.I want to do something kinda like that.I’ve done my research and seen something about calling functions and events and coding the time for it.It’s here Coordinating entities, events and timing
But I want it to happen automatically basically the event would have to start at the exact time I code it to be and end exactly when I code it to end.
If anyone has any idea on this because I’m really interested in doing this for matrexball :grinning:

You mixing two definitions of events here.

Live events in Fortnite is about a game feature where either there is a special game mode, map, quest, etc that is only available at a certain time.

The thread you linked to is about the event system in the engine where one code system can notify another system that something has happened. Eg the game has started, the player has scored, etc.

There are a number of ways to do live events in games, if it’s about time locked content than you can simply check the current UTC time with a set deadline in code and enable something to be played. Eg a map unlock or a game mode.

Hmm I’m tryna do live events ingame.

‘Live Events’ is an encompassing term for quite a lot of features. Can you be more specific of what type of Live Event you are looking to implement?

hmm like a small ship goes into a black hole and then the hole explodes and goes right to the game’s main menu

And you want that to happen for the same time for everyone? What happens if a user is not playing the game or at the main menu at the time? What if they load the game an hour later or a day later?

Ok so look Yes I want everyone to experience the same current event at the same time,if a user misses it then the user will be able to get a replay of the event hours later.

Effectively, it’s time locked content. The two conditions you are checking for are: is it past a certain day and time and if they have accessed this event before.

That would be the easiest way to do it.

If you wanted it so that it’s like watching a live football game where the event is going on independent without the player, you either have to simulate forward (they join 10 secs late, so you have to simulate the first 10 secs and then start rendering to the player) or have a server somewhere that is ‘performing’ the event and broadcasting to all the clients connected.