Industrial Machine walkthrough- simple task

Hi ,
I have a machine to be examined by walking around it (not flying around it)… It’s obvious that autodesk’s player is so heavy, and not mobile friendly. Pls check my model here:

The well-known (orange room) have controls appearing when viweing on mobiles. I need exactly the same. Plus, it would be nice to have some sort of a background and a floor so that the machine doesnt float on space.

The job is pretty simple in that sense… I guess the applicants would first ask for the bugdet, I have something around 75$. And I only have .fbx file of this model.

I hope someone helps me… If you have a offer in terms of budget, im willing to hear it also.

  • Omar

Hi Omar,

My name is Kevin and I have helped develop various games with different technologies & software.

  • How soon do you need/want this project finished?
  • What are the specs or requirements for the finished presentation?
  • Will you be hosting the PlayCanvas project and just adding the developer as a collaborator?

Hi Kevin,

  • I’m flexible in terms of time… not in a hurry… but it would be better if it doesnt exceed 3 days from agreement.

  • What do you exactly mean by specs/reqs? Basically, i need a walkthrough function in both mobile devices & desktop and the machine should stand in a nicer enviornment (not empty space). You are free to choose your own settings as far as the result is satisfactory.

  • I would like to host it in my own ftp. As I understand, playcanvas allows this feat, right? so that i dont need to pay per monthly fees? You may export it from your own account for me…

  • Moreover, if this job is done as i expect, I would like to give same job type for a home project followingly… which would be of course with a higher budget…

  • Any words on the budget and money transfer way? I may use paypal or whatever is convinient…


Hello again Omar,

By specs/requirements…I meant:

  • are the individual parts interactive?
  • is the whole model just one static piece & non-interactive (i.e. the “orange room” example)
  • are there any directions that are needed for the person viewing the model
  • will the “walk through” controls be keyboard/mouse/touch?
  • is there a texture to be applied to the model for more realism? Would that need to be created?

I realize these details can be discussed after the developer is granted the project.

  • Kevin

Goood morning Kevin,

Thanks for the detailed Qs. To be honest, I have opened a job post in one of the freelancer sites but I would rather choose to work with someone who is active in playcanvas forums.

There can be two versions of the same model. One for static, as you see now, with only walkthrough.
And the other with animation, but still not interactive.Or interactive with only one click to start the engine.
You may have an idea about how a similar machine works:

This is basically a iron sheet slicing machine. Sheets are sliced in 10cm wide strips and then rolled up like toilet papers.

  1. So your first quotation should include the things i mentioned earlier, as no interactivity anywhere. Walkthorugh wiil be mouse and keyboard for Pc, and with control pads for mobiles, as in 'orange room’
    Eye-level is fine for inspecting the machine I believe.
    Texture would definately make it beautiful. We dont have anykind of textures, it’s up to you to select one.

  2. Second quotation should include all of the above, plus, an animation as you see in the video. The sheet comes along and gets sliced, and rolled up. I know this would be costly but I will consult my collegue here whether we can afford it not.

This is a demo job for us. Normally we are working as a Matterport agent in Istanbul, imaging real places. But recently one client of ours came to us with such an inquiry, and hence we are in search of a long term partner who can prepare us such walkthroughs or even animations. He says there are 5 more machines like this one, but I first want to be sure if we can offer him walkthroughs/animations over HTML5.


Hi Omor,

Sorry for the late reply.
If you already found a developer, then I am glad for you sir!
If not, I would certainly be interested in working with you on this project.

  • Kevin

Hello Kevin,

No worries… I didnt award any developer yet… im not in a hurry(until next week)…
So I would like to hear two quotations from you…

Thanks for having an interest.

Good morning Omar,

Hope this day finds you well sir!
I realize that your budget is $75, so I would quote you for that amount for the first project.
We would both be getting a feel for how well we work together on the first project and see if we would both like to work again, on your second project, later. Does that sound fair enough to you?

I would like to help, because this project looks like something fun to do and I do not get a chance to be creative outside of my current programming job.

Best Regards,

  • Kevin

Good Morning Kevin,
Well, I’m glad you see this as a fun project because we consider this one kind as a demo-project as well, that can be shown to our clients onwards if we can find a good developer partner… I know the budget is not high this time, but i hope we can raise it in the upcoming projects.

The second detailed type of construction requires further programming i assume… Adding textures, animations and stuff… I would like to hear a quotation for that also meanwhile…

Let’s begin with the basic one I requested at the first hand, then we may resume as the project folds out.

How would you like to recieve the money? Paypal?


Good afternoon Omar,

The budget is not an issue, as long as we are both happy with the final result, in my opinion.
Paypal will work for payment, once I have completed the first project and you are happy with the final results.
I will issue you an e-invoice, via email, that you can pay through PayPal and that way you have a record of service for your business paperwork, as well.
Will that work for you?

The 2nd interactive model would pretty much be a copy of the 1st project, with some interactive components added. That way, it cuts down on time to build and reduces your budget, as well.
Since you seem to be starting out with all of these and this would be another fun/creative project, I would give you a quote of $100.

If these seem fair and agreeable to you, then the next step would be providing me with the .FBX model and any other requirements and requests that you have for the 1st project.

  • Kevin

Dear Kevin,

Perfect! Lets start then… Payment procedure suits me and very fair.
Second quotation is also more than fair for me!

You already now in my previous messages what to do…unfortunately i cant access the .fbx files these days bc it was in my office pc, and i’m on a week-long biz trip. I hope to get back on Sunday.

Thanks for easygoing manners! Pls excuse me for a few days and i will return to you soon…

  • Omar
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Good day Omar,

No worries, I understand that duty calls and patience is golden!
Here is my email for personal correspondence, so that we can collaborate, when you return from business.


  • Kevin
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