Increasing build size

Hi Everyone,
On this project and many others I see an increase in build size as I add more textures and more models in scenes.
My guess is even though I have all the maps I can compressed and set to not preload, that some are or the models themselves are preloading and successive models keep getting added into each build even though they are not needed since only one scene is being included in the build.

The Project in question is here:

I have all textures compressed and the models all have Preload unchecked but I am still seeing huge builds and they get bigger as I add in new models and textures.

Build size is the total size of the published build on the server. Having preload unchecked on the asset means that the asset will not be part of the preload step when the application starts (the first screen with the horizontal loading bar).

The best tool to see how much data the user is downloading is the Network Tab in the browsers Developer Tools. (Disable Cache to make sure you are not loading from cache).

I am doing that for the most part, you can take a look at the project here if you like, the first builds were 256 megs and now it’s 100 megs higher, and the earlier builds actaully have a lot more textures. It seems strange that it keeps increasing when I have every thing I can with a preload option unchecked and the textures are all compressed.

You can check the project here to see what I mean:

The really strange thing, even with uncompressed textures and the model it should work out to under 100 Megs tops, and with the model and textures compressed around 50 megsor so.

Yet every single build is the exact same size 356.21 Megs.

The Gamma 1 and Gamma 2.2 builds are using slightly different FBX files (Same geometry but the FBX files are different and sized slightly differently as well as the light maps are all different, similar but different )
There has to be something going on there.
I went through and everything as far as I can see has preload turned off if it has the option of doing so.
I even did it again and did a new build,

same 356.21 build size,

I downloaded a build and it was 350 megs roughly

Having a quick look:

The user has to download 144MB during the preload. As the materials still have preload checked, it will mean that the associated texture also has to be preloaded even if the texture has been unchecked. This is because it is reference by an asset (in this case the material) that has been marked to preload.

The build size is not related to how much the user has to download as the build will contain all the assets in the project including the various different formats of compressed textures (when you compress a texture, it will create a new asset. So if you have ECT, PVR and DXT checked, it will create 3 new assets in the build but the user will only download the one that their device supports).

Ah!! Materials too Thanks for the heads up :)!!
Your awesome :slight_smile:
We only use PVR compression so far, seems to cover nearly everything we need except for light maps.

Will you guys ever adopt this format for lightmaps?

I turned off the materials preload and it is still pretty large, it’s a bit of mess as far as projects go since we are using it for testing purposes and it’s not super optimized, will live for now with it.

Just tried the project and now it is 52.5MB download total for the user to see the entire scene which is a big improvement compared to the 144MB from before.

At this point, you have to start optimising texture sizes. I would go through each one and look at how big it physically is in the scene. For example, the chairs, do they need a 1024 texture or can they be 512 or even less?

Thanks Yaustar,
The project got deleted by accident it looks like so I will rebuild this from scratch now. The new warning is a good thing :slight_smile: