In my testing level, the enemy projectile should be shooting every second, but it only shoots once

Here is the editor URL to my testing level: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

Here is the editor URL of a testing level that works the way it should: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

Hi @Maahira_Tarikonda and welcome! If you are talking about the projectiletimer2 script, the logic seems correct to me.

Hi Albertos! Yes, I used the exact same projectiletimer2 script in my testing level as the one used in the working example, but the laser isn’t spawning/shooting every second as it should. Can you see what the problem may be?

On which entity is the script attached?

The script is attached to the entity titled EnemyCraft2. I did this because, in the example, it was attached the same way.

Alright thanks, I will debug your project when I’m home.

Thank you so much! Please let me know once you have solved the issue.

Your template has an incorrect script on it. If you drag your template into your scene you will find out. Make sure your template is correct and apply the changes to the template. Then you can remove the entity from the scene.


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Thank you so much Albertos! I followed your instructions, and now the projectiles launch every second as they should.

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