In-game hyperlink portals

Hi all, I’m very new to PlayCanvas. Pretty excited about it.

I’m sure I could learn the yes or no answer eventually on my own after months . . . but I want to sleep better tonight. Not after months.

Is it possible to create a trigger volume such that a user can enter it and go from to

I know that World1 and World2 would fundamentally probably have to come from two distinct PlayCanvas Projects, rather than from two scenes in one particular project, which would be fine.

I’d just like to know if simulating hyperlink behavior is possible. I remember tinkering with Unity a few years ago and this was possible (albeit Unity required browsers to have their plugin—a game breaker, no pun intended). Can I make a hyperlink-like object, trigger it in-game, and be sent to a new tab/url?

I don’t think I need specifics at this point. Just a scholarly yes or no. And if a yes, maybe a mention of the API reference.

Thank you

If the two worlds are completely separate projects/apps with no data shared between the two, than yes it is possible. You just host them on two separate pages and load a the page when the user enters the trigger.

It’s pretty straight forward in PlayCanvas as it runs pure Javascript in the browser meaning you can use any standard web API like

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@yaustar thanks. I had a hunch that if it were possible it was because of JS in general. Thanks again.

I’d mark this as solved but I don’t know how or if I can.