In flight question

Hello friends, I am about to start a new project using the oculus quest, Basically it is to show the cockpit of a small plane in flight from the pilot / copilot seat. I still don’t know how to solve the environment that will be observed through the windshield and the small side windows, it has to be animated (the clouds move, the floor, maybe some mountains) the idea is to give the feeling that the plane is moving, It would be very strange if I use a static cubemap. Any ideas?? I thought about using a wraparound plane in front of the cockpit and projecting a video of a flight or something. What do you think?? Any ideas will be appreciated.


A projected video is indeed a nice way to get a realistic background without too much of a performance overhead.

Though take notice that this kind of skybox can’t be used for PBR lighting, so you still need to use a regular skybox there even if it’s not visible / it’s behind the video plane/cube.

Thanks @Leonidas !