Impulse rotation changing when model is placed in different locations

I’m working on a project that requires entities to be launched into the air using impulses and torque impulses to apply a rotation whilst mid air. Everything has been working fine, until I realized that if I place my main anchor at 45 degrees to the left or right of the initial load point the x, y, z rotation axis on my entities are getting mixed up which is causing the rotations to function inconsistently.

Initially I was having this problem with the impulse positions as well ( instead of the entity launching on the x axis, it seemed to launch on the y or z axis when the main anchors position was changed), but I realized I could use the entity.right property to force the impulse to fire from the parent entities correct orientation… However, now the torqueImpulse seems to be acting similarly, but my fix isnt working on this one.

Any help is appreciated - I cant exactly share the repo on this project so sorry for that