Improving Copy Between Projects to facilitate third party tools

Currently the copying between projects is very rudimentary. It doesn’t copy assets and it doesn’t work with public projects from different accounts although, from looking at the code, that seems to have been considered
and can be mostly circumvented with

I propose that this feature could be improved to work fully and to also be available for all public projects. This alone would open the door for a third-party store service which would be tremendously valuable to the playcanvas community and playcanvas as a product. Seeing as the built-in store is useless for years now this could be a way to outsource some of the work involved in setting something tangible.

I guess the how it’s obvious at this point but just for posterity’s sake it goes something like this:
A store application is either setting it’s own project/projects or allowing anyone to broadcast their projects that are simply collections of pre-made entities with hierarchies, scripts, materials and other assets read to be copied. A neat browser extension modifying the playcanvas_editor_clipboard value from localStorage or some other way of integration (even simple linking for the user to do their own copying) and we’re set.