Importing PlayFab

Hello guys, did anybody tried PlayFab multiplayer service in PlayCanvas? I checked the website and installation of SDK for Unity seem to be pretty easy, unfortunately there is no tutorial on how to import playfab in play canvas, obviously :grin:

This topic helps a little but im still quite lost.

Hi @smokys,

No, but if im correct you are doing multiplayer?
Then you can maybe try glitch for your multiplayer server?

I use PlayFab for leaderBoard, items and inGameCurrency, no problems with the
implementation. PlayFab offers great support, every request has been answer within a few hours. For Multiplayer You’ve to consign Your creditCardNumber, so I haven’t done it yet…

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Yes, mainly i want to use multiplayer but there are plenty of useful functions i might use later.

Yes, so supports can help me with that? I did put my credit card in.

for that stuff You can look into my game Herbivore
Do You already know which lockIn method You going to Use?
Is there any AO-Token You use, I’d like to here how You do this.
Later I’ll implement multiplayer too. Maybe I can take a look at
Your code than? For the start, if there something I can do for You,
please let me know…
And take a look at cloudScript, thats pretty cool :sunglasses:

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Well, you as well had to import play fab into play canvas somehow, it doesnt matter whether its multiplayer, leaderboard or login, its the same, the same sdk needs to be imported in any case