Importing models with hierarchy is now in soft launch! 🚀

This feature is now available to everyone! We will be doing an announcement down the line but we really wanted to get this out to people as soon as possible.

Video demo:

Formal documentation still needs to be created but here’s the TLDR:

Enable the feature by ticking ‘Import Hierarchy’ under asset tasks in the settings:

Importing a model will create several assets (Container, Render(s) and Template).

You can add the template to the scene which will include the hierarchy of the model imported.

Some gotchas to remember:

  • The animation component will not work. To use animations, you will have to use the new Anim State Graph animator. By default this should be added to the top most entity (the template instance).
  • Collision components can now take a Render asset as a mesh.
  • When you select an object in the scene, it will be the render entity, not the template instance so be careful when moving entities in the scene. Ensure that you have the correct entity selected.

This would be a nice feature to have for us, but we have kind of a funky pipeline since some of our models need to be json because we want them to generate lightmaps. Will lightmap generation for the gbl format be supported in the future (or is it already here and did we just not realize)?

We don’t have UV1 unwrapping for GLB files, but will definitely add it in the future. In the meantime you could unwrap your model (generate uv1 for lightmaps) in Blender / Maya or any other software you export your FBX from, and Playcanvas can then bake lightmaps on it.

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Animation doesn’t work with hierarchy, I added it to the top of most entity.

You can see it in this project :

Hmm… I didn’t run into this issue with Kenney’s test characters :thinking: @mvaligursky and @Elliott, any ideas?

Hey @commention, it looks like there’s a mismatch between the naming of nodes in the animation file and the hierarchy created by the model. The component is animating but it hasn’t been able to bind any of the animation curves onto the model.

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Alright, thank you!